Getting a body massage often feels like a fairly luxurious treat for yourself, that you maybe only get once a year (if you’re lucky). But what if I told you that body massages should be thought of as more than just the occasional time you get to spend on yourself?

Body massage provides your mind and body with a range of benefits that are hard to ignore. And those who commit to regular treatments will often reap the most benefits from body massage. So what are these benefits we’re raving about? Read on to find out more…

Benefits of body massage

Massage boosts your mood

We’ve all experienced that amazing feeling of relaxation during and after a massage… you walk out of your treatment on a cloud. This happens because more endorphins are released in your body during a massage, and stress related hormones (like adrenaline and cortisol) are reduced. So, you can imagine the effect this would have on your body long term with regular massage treatments, as less stress can strengthen your immune system and leave you feeling happier and healthier overall.

Studies have also indicated that relaxed muscles can help to relieve stress in the body. Relaxing your muscles can be done in a variety of different ways, but regular massage is especially helpful in removing tension and maintaining healthy muscles. This is especially helpful for those who are in high stress or pressure situations regularly, and find it difficult to wind down.

Massage improves circulation

Regular body massage will help to keep your blood moving around your body, as the massage movements stimulate your muscles and blood vessels. This has many benefits including improved muscle and organ functionality, increased cell regeneration, boosting the health of your skin, and increasing oxygenation in your blood. Using massage to improve circulation is also a great option for those who find it difficult to get out and exercise regularly.

Massage stimulates your lymphatic system

The movements and techniques used in a body massage will also help to stimulate your lymphatic system, and aid in moving the lymph fluid around your body. This has many great long term benefits, as a stimulated lymphatic system will remove waste from your body properly and fight off infection better – keeping you healthier. Massage can also help to drain any excess fluid in your body and remove swelling. This makes it a great treatment for those who suffer from regular swelling in their body (legs, hands, feet), and for those who have an under active lymphatic system.

Massage increases joint mobility and flexibility

Joint mobility naturally decreases as we age, which can have a significant impact on your posture and overall movement. Joints tend to become stiff as cell turnover decreases and fluid retention increases. This is where massage can help to keep you moving. By improving your muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and lymph drainage, you’re in turn improving your body’s cell turnover, ability to repair itself, strength of your immune system, and overall health and movement.

While this point may only sound like it’s relevant to those over a certain age, it’s actually important for people of all ages to acknowledge this. We need to be aware of our bodies and look after ourselves now, to enjoy a happier and healthier life down the track.

Massage improves your skin tone

Regular body massage will help to increase circulation and the cell turnover in your body, which affects your skin in a multitude of ways. For starters, it brings fresh oxygen and other nutrients to the skin which aids in healing scars, sores and acne. It also helps to reduce the aging process, and the increase in nutrients helps to keep your skins regenerative processes active. Regular massage also nourishes your skin with the oils being used, which in turn improves your skin tone and elasticity. Ensuring that your massage therapist is using natural plant oils will mean you reap the most benefits from your massage treatment.

So there you have five benefits of body massage for a variety of different bodily functions. If you like the sound of improving your mood, circulation, lymph drainage, mobility and skin tone, consider booking regular body massages.

We recommend committing to a massage every 4-8 weeks, depending on your availability and individual needs. Setting a habit is the hard part, but be sure to stick with your massage routine and your body and mind will be seeing the benefits in no time.

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