Pedicures are one of those little luxuries you indulge in every summer as your feet make their way out of hibernation. You have the chance to descale your dry skin and add a pop of colour to those twinkle toes. 

But did you know that pedicures can offer you more than just looks and relaxation? In this blog we’ll run through all the wonderful things we do in a pedicure, and how they really benefit your body and well being.

How do pedicures help your feet

Smoothing skin

Feet can be one of the driest areas of your body, as they carry you through each day. Your skin houses some of the thickest skin on your body, so it tends to build up and become rough easily. Feet can also accumulate dirt and other materials which can lead to rough and dull skin, especially in summer as you wear open toed shoes.

During a pedicure, your heels will be rasped to remove any excess dry skin. This is a painless and safe procedure, using basically an over sized nail file to only remove unnecessary skin. This can also help to prevent fissures in your heels as the buildup of excess skin and dryness can lead to cracking. This process can also be used on rough skin around your toes and the balls of your feet. You will also receive an all-over skin exfoliation during your pedicure, which will remove any other surface dryness or buildup on your skin – this includes the tops of your feet and around your cuticles which can also become quite dry.

The result – silky smooth feet, ready for some nourishment!

The benefits of a foot massage

More than just a bit of nice smelling moisturiser – a massage has many benefits, particularly for your hard working feet. Although you may not always feel it, feet can hold an enormous amount of tension. Think about it, you use them everyday to get from A to B. Because of this, it’s important to look after your feet and relieve that tension every now and then.

Holding excess tension in your feet can lead to aching legs at times, and can also reduce circulation if you’re really tense. A massage will help to ease tension in your feet, by targeting specific points to relax your muscles. It will also help to improve circulation, which is especially helpful if you are prone to puffy feet. 

Also consider the type of product being used on your feet during a massage. Something with peppermint will cool feet, which is ideal for relieving puffiness or simply to soothe on a hot day. Creams with natural oils like almond or jojoba will nourish feet deeply, which is probably what you want on your feet to avoid excessive dryness. 

All the other benefits

Among the other great benefits of a pedicure above, there are also the other little bits that can’t be overlooked. Something like tidying your cuticles can seem so small, but can make such a difference to how your toes look. Overgrown cuticles can not only impact the way your nail polish sits on your toenails, but can also lead to hang nails and potentially stunt nail growth.

A nail trim and file will also help to keep your toes maintained, and having them trimmed by a professional can help you avoid things like ingrown nails and nails cut too short. Ensuring your toenails are adequately maintained will also mean they won’t become too long and gather excess dirt and skin, and won’t make wearing enclosed shoes uncomfortable.

Lastly, let’s not forget the all important layer of nail polish! While the immediate benefits are that your nails look great with a fresh pop of colour, even a clear layer of polish can help reduce the chance of your nails splitting and becoming too dry (if you are prone to these things). Polish can help strengthen your nails if they are weak, while regular nourishment of your skin and nail via a pedicure can feed your nail cells and encourage growth.

So there you have a few small but mighty ways a pedicure can help your feet. Always remember to treat your hard working feet, as they probably need it more than many other areas of your body.

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